Travel insurance top-up

The Public Service Employees Trust is pleased to announce that, effective March 1, 2020, there will no longer be a top-up restriction on the travel health benefits coverage for the Manitoba Public Service Retiree Health Plan.

Members will now be able to purchase coverage to extend their coverage beyond the 60-day trip maximum offered by the plan. Previously, purchase of coverage to extend coverage beyond the 60-day maximum would invalidate the coverage for the trip.

We are very pleased to have made this improvement to the travel health benefits for members, and continue to welcome your feedback on the plan.

2019 Annual Renewal

The 2019 annual renewal information has been mailed to plan members by Manitoba Blue Cross. We are pleased to report that we are satisfied that the premium rates that Manitoba Blue Cross has set for the 2019 plan year are reasonable in relation to the benefits provided, the costs to support the payment of the group administrative expenses, and the payment of member claims.